Martin Jarvis directs a stellar cast in Gregg Oppenheimer’s inside look at his writer- producer father’s famous TV series, I Love Lucy.

Anne Heche channels Lucille Ball in an outstanding performance. With Wilmer Valderrama, Jared Harris, Alfred Molina, Stacy Keach, Mike McShane. The onscreen pairing of Lucille and Desi is brilliant, but the American Network is doubtful.

“Who’d believe she was married to him?”
Lucille: ‘But I am married to him!’

The serial dramatises more than just the creation of an iconic TV series – it charts the need to challenge existing ideas that balked at diversity, the comic dynamic of the Arnaz’s partnership, and their commitment and integrity shared by writer Jess Oppenheimer – resisting network and sponsor demands and outdated censorship rules, bringing creative bonuses to US audiences and worldwide.

This roller-coasting five-part serial shows how television, at a crucial time, learned from the established craft of radio. Cuban bandleader Desi’s inventive genius engendered studio techniques now taken for granted. Lucille and Desi’s uplifting relationship flouted conventional thinking and defied accepted entertainment practice in one of the most influential sitcoms in TV history.