Graham Crowden and Jimmy Perry star in a sitcom about the early days of the wireless and the BBC

The man behind TV hits Dad’s Army and Hi-De-Hi – Jimmy Perry’s star-packed comedy about the early wireless days of the BBC.

Back in 1922, when a microphone jammed if a speaker talked too loudly, the letters of praise and complaint flooded in.

Then a new Director-General, John Brown, came to take over the British Broadcasting Company.

Colonel Beecham and Admiral Carpenter are concerned that all their hard work producing the BBC’s wireless output is beginning to affect their golf swing. Meanwhile, hard-up Children’s Hour’s Uncle Rex is made an offer he really ought to refuse.

The Daily Sketch says the BBC’s programmes are boring. Will DG John Brown finally agree to broadcast some light entertainment, or will his peccadillo with Auntie Phyllis force him over the edge? Either way, Fred “Keep ‘Em Laughing” Hicks has got an unusual new act for radio.

DG John Brown has decided that the BBC will broadcast the 1923 Boat Race.

So the rest of the staff must rally round to find a way to bring off the transmission.