A comedy by Sue Teddern. Western movie-mad Heather is the Sherlock Holmes of the rundown Sutter Estate, who is determined to help her community

Just this side of nosey, Heather is western movie-mad. She’s also the Sherlock Holmes of the rundown Sutter Estate.

For a Few Dollars More – With the aid of daughter Natalie and her boyfriend Ryan, she’s determined to help her local community. For starters, Heather tries to help a family with a sick child, but events take an unexpected turn…

Wild Bunch – Heather helps a neighbour who is being harassed on the estate and also tries line dancing.

The Searchers – Emma thinks that her mother is having an affair and asks Heather to investigate.

Unforgiven – Recently widowed Denis hires Heather to trace his first love Yvonne.

True Grit – Heather used to clean for Angela. Now Angela suspects her teenage daughter is on drugs so asks Heather to investigate.

High Noon – 16 years ago, Heather’s best friend Dawn ran off with Heather’s man Joe. Now Dawn has the cheek to ask Heather to check if Joe is having an affair!