David Thomson, author and film critic, takes a personal journey through how cinema has changed both him and us

01 In the Dark – David Thomson explores how cinema has changed him – and us. Do we need a map for the dark?
02 Fear and Desire – David Thomson explores the power of cinema. What is the special power of music and sound?
03 Wired for Sound – When Al Jolson sang for his ‘mammy’ in 1927, a new age of dreaming and illusion was born.
04 The Big Kill-Off – Author and critic David Thomson delves into cinema’s dubious love affair with death.
05 You Must Remember This – Continuing his journey through cinema, David Thomson meditates on time and memory.
06 If It Moves, Shoot It – David Thomson continues his journey through cinema, and considers its spiral of carnage.
07 The Look of Love – David Thomson looks at the cinema with the thrill of romance and a kiss as big as a house.
08 Happy Endings – Critic and writer David Thomson goes in search of happiness on the big screen.
09 The Last Flight – David Thomson explores flying in film, and how it merges with our desire to escape.
10 Fade to Black – David Thomson considers cinema’s future. Is the dream palace the place to dream anymore?