A popular and thought-provoking drama.

What happens when spare-part surgery becomes the norm? Will clones be created purely with the intention of providing body parts and organs for those who can afford it? If so, what will life be like for those clones?

Written by Jenny Stephens – four episodes of approx 30 minutes each in high quality MP3.
Episode 1: Marketing expert Eleanor visits Abbotsville, where clones are created purely for organ replacement. But are they really inhuman?
Episode 2: Eleanor Riley discovers more about the true nature of the work of Abbotsville, the clone farm.
Episode 3: Dr Abbots tries to prove that clones have no emotions. Meanwhile, Jefferson and Lucy discover what really happened to Carter 5.
Episode 4: In the thriller’s conclusion, Dr Abbots finds his “party trick” used against him, and Paul Smith takes advantage of the chaos.