Counterfeiters, spies, murderers…and Isaac Newton must use his brilliant mind to defeat them all in this pair of full-cast historical crime dramas.

In Master of the Mint, a new figure of justice is walking the streets of 17th-century London—Isaac Newton, scientific genius. After thirty years as a Cambridge academic, Newton takes up a new post at the Royal Mint in the Tower of London. But the work doesn’t stay peaceful: soon he finds himself asking questions within drinking dens of ill-repute, in pursuit of a notorious counterfeiting gang. Can he stop their plans to set off a financial crash that will bring down the Government?

In Nemesis, Isaac Newton must contend not only with opponents to his currency plans, but also with a French secret agent who is aiding the theft of England’s entire supply of silver. When a wagon of silver is stolen, and his close colleague murdered, Newton must face facts: he’s been betrayed. But is he able to protect his country from the same fate?

From the writer of McLevy, these are fun, gripping and irresistible tales of thugs and villains, treasure and treachery, and the scientific logic which might just save an entire country….