Master of the Mint

By David Ashton. The creator of the Victorian detective series, McLevy, returns with a new hero in the unlikely guise of the 17th century scientific genius, Isaac Newton. After 30 years as a Cambridge academic, Newton takes up a new post at the Royal Mint in the Tower of London. Soon he’s diving into notorious drinking dens and interrogating prisoners in jail in pursuit of a counterfeiting gang. But can he catch the ringleaders before their criminal plans trigger a huge financial crash that threatens to topple the Government.

By David Ashton. In the late 17th century, England is at war with France and a financial crisis threatens to bring down the Government. As Warden of the Royal Mint, Isaac Newton has an ambitious solution – to recoin the entire currency. But he has a fight on his hands – both with the politicians who hired him and a French secret agent who is orchestrating the criminal gang out to steal the country’s supply of silver.

Hopton Haynes ….. GUNNAR CAUTHERY
Catherine Barton ….. LAURA CHRISTY
Charles Montague ….. RICK WARDEN
Elliot Miller ….. SEAN MURRAY
Thomas Carey ….. CLIVE HAYWARD
Belle Russell ….. MELODY GROVE
Jamie Wilde ….. WILL KIRK
Richard Vernon ….. NEIL MCCAUL
Other parts played by the cast.