Five BBC Radio 4 full-cast crime dramas featuring DI Charlie Resnick.

Jazz-loving Policeman Charlie Resnick is one of the most popular characters in contemporary crime fiction. This thrilling collection brings together three dramatisations and two original radio stories starring the Nottingham-based detective, all scripted by his creator, award-winning author John Harvey.

Wasted Years

It’s 1992, and two incidents of violent robbery force Detective Inspector Resnick to relive painful memories of 10 years earlier, when his marriage collapsed – and he arrested an armed criminal…. Starring Tom Wilkinson.

Cutting Edge

When a young doctor is attacked on a deserted hospital walkway, the clues seem to lead nowhere for DI Charlie Resnick. As he desperately searches for motives, another victim is assaulted…. Starring Tom Georgeson.

Slow Burn

When Jimmy Nolan’s Nottingham jazz club burns down, it looks like an insurance job. But for Detective Inspector Charlie Resnick and his team, it is the start of a more sinister and deadly chain of events. Starring Philip Jackson.


While Detective Inspector Resnick pursues a gang of armed robbers, meals-on-wheels Lady Cheryl takes the law into her own hands on behalf of an elderly client. It isn’t long before their investigations collide…. Starring Keith Barron.

Bird of Paradise

Jerzy Grabianski is a high-class burglar with a passion for ornithology and British Impressionist paintings. Like DI Charlie Resnick, he has Polish roots, a firm sense of justice and a soft spot for the ladies – especially the energetic Sister Teresa…. Starring Keith Barron.