A series of classic American 1950s sci-fi tales

Their Gaze Was Green – Space heroes Jack and Chip tackle green Venusian terrorists in the 1950s American sci-fi spoof.

And Mother Makes Millions – A chilling world without children? The battle is on to save the human race from ravaged Earth.

I’ve Got Your Number – A man loses his unique numbered identity – and lands in double trouble, when his number gets copied.

Land of Plenty – In tomorrow’s world, all human food is delivered by Freshmart in sealed mag-cans to the residents of Mars. But what if the can-openers malfunctioned and people are forced to eat dangerous leftovers…?

Unstoppable! – A white-knuckle ride of instellar thrills as a space train hurtles towards Earth

Night of the Cicadas – Small and usually friendly, chirruping insects suddenly grow huge – turning nasty and developing a taste for human flesh…