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Philip Palmer’s new detective drama is set in communist Hungary in 1963. A former member of the despised secret police has been found brutally murdered. Special Investigator Bertalan Lázár must find his killer but not all his colleagues share his zeal.

Bertalan Lázár …. Leo Bill
Franciska Lázár …. Clare Corbett
József Szabados …. Joseph Ayre
Dmitri Dragunov …. Simon Scardifield
Márk Mészáros …. Michael Bertenshaw
András Vásáry …. David Hounslow
Priest …. Christopher Harper
Gyuri Varga …. Kenny Blyth,
Dorina Varga …. Helen Clapp
Ministry official …. Chris Pavlo

Directed by Toby Swift

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Keeping the Wolf Out

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