Apollo 11’s five-day journey to the moon. A verbatim drama using the original NASA transcripts from the mission. Adapted by Anita Sullivan.

Apollo 11’s five day journey to the moon. A verbatim drama, performed by actors, using the original NASA transcripts from the mission.

In this first episode – Launch – Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins blast off from the Kennedy Space Centre in Florida and prepare to leave Earth’s orbit.

In this second episode – Translunar Injection – the crew initiate the burn that will power them out of Earth orbit, on a course with the moon.

In this third episode – Cislunar Transit – Apollo 11 coasts across the void between the Earth and the Moon at nearly 4,000 miles per hour.

In this fourth episode – Lunar Orbit – the astronauts wake to find themselves face-to-face with another world.

In this fifth episode – Landing – Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin climb into the Lunar Module and begin their descent to the moon’s surface.

It’s fifty years since Apollo 11 put human beings on another world. Over the anniversary week, Radio 4 tells the story of the five day journey to the moon, using the astronauts’ own words, which are taken entirely from the transcripts of the mission. We travel with Armstrong, Aldrin and Collins on their epic journey, experiencing everything as they did.
A unique perspective on the most historic journey in the history of humanity.