A thrilling dramatic account of one of Europe’s most extraordinary women, Eleanor of Aquitaine, based on historical fact, legend – and rumour

Wife and mother to a dynasty of kings, crusader, prisoner and formidable political operator, Eleanor of Aquitaine is a thoroughly modern woman, despite living almost 900 years ago. Intelligent, witty and independent, she is tough enough to forge her own destiny – and subtle enough to shape the world to her will.

We first meet her at 15, when she has one ambition: to become Duchess and ruler of the Aquitaine, the richest province in France. But the men around her have other ideas. A young woman with so much power is too great a threat, so she is quickly married off to the heir to the throne, the devout, sexually repressed Dauphin.

The wedding feast is barely over before she finds herself facing an imminent attack, a kidnap attempt and a midnight escape on horseback. Surviving to become Queen of France, she moulds her young husband into a fit King – but in wielding her influence, she makes powerful enemies, who are determined to bring her down.

Yet somehow she manages to stay one step ahead, even as she embarks on a scandalous Crusade – and falls madly in love with another King, Henry II of England…

Written by award-winning dramatist Shaun McKenna, this epic drama stars Rose Basista as Eleanor, Cecilia Appiah as Petronilla, and Joel McCormack as the Dauphin.