Buy Me Up TV is a radio sitcom that observes the goings on behind and in front of the camera at a 24 hour shopping channel. The crazed products and the equally unhinged presenters become ever more involved in the farcical demands of the badly run TV station.

BuyMeUp TV is like every shopping channel you’ve ever seen – product demonstrations, guests, auctions, infomercials, dramatic price reductions, testimonials, phone lines, order pages, horoscopes, bargains, special offers, and life-changing stories. It sells everything you can possibly imagine for your home, vehicle, health, entertainment, lifestyle, wardrobe and bathroom. Owned by a vast American cable network, it is a 24-hour live broadcast channel selling crap to the whole nation.

Each episode is also peppered with idents and adverts for ludicrous products they are forced to sell, from Robert Mugabe beach towels and the Jeffery Archery set, to the Guitar Bra and a communist doorbell.