Mythos is a series that examines British folklore through a quasi-scientific prism. It’s laced with sardonic humour, ridiculous situations and insane leaps of logic – but its foundations lie in the stories that have become part of the British cultural DNA over the last 2000 years.

Mary Lairre is the ghost of a 16th century French nun murdered at Borley Rectory and rendered corporeal by the mysterious Department to act as a paranormal investigator. Lairre is joined by Parker, whose magical abilities rely upon her transforming her entire personality as circumstances require

  1. Mythos – Incidents of death from heart failure have spiked at seven times the national average in a small Essex village. Agent Lairre is sent to investigate.
  2. Glamis – Lairre and Parker accompany their boss Johnson to Glamis Castle in Scotland, where a secret door into a folkloric dimension has been discovered.
  3. Albion – A sinkhole opens up beneath the City of London. Lairre and Parker are tasked to rescue Johnson from the depths of the city. They find themselves facing Gogmagog the Giant as Britain’s past erupts through time to destroy the present.