Local govenment capers in Chesbury. Small-town comedy starring John Duttine.

1 Comic electoral shocks galore in Chesbury, as it faces the unlikeliest of new mayors.
2 A hurricane of change in Chesbury, with Labour back in power on a wafer-thin majority.
3 The new mayor has to chair his very first council meeting and he is scared witless.
4 Chesbury FC is in dire straits, but Lady Mayoress Graham is determined to save the day.
5 The argy bargy of Chesbury politics presents a brand new Chestnut and a spot of blackmail.
6 Star Trek fever erupts as a German delegation tours the cultural delights of Chesbury.

Any Other Business was a radio program that aired from May 1995 to July 1995. There were six 35-minute episodes and it was broadcast on BBC Radio 4. It starred John Duttine, Jan Ravens, June Whitfield, James Grout, and Toby Longworth. It was written by Lucy Flannery and produced by Liz Ansty.