A WW2 bomber pilot survives a plane crash unharmed. But when the authorities in heaven realise their mistake, will they let him live? A new adaptation of the classic 1946 film.

A Matter of Life and Death is a new adaptation of the classic 1946 movie by Emeric Powell and Michael Pressburger. Commissioned by the Ministry of Information as a propaganda exercise to aid Anglo-American relations, Powell and Pressburger instead delivered an epic romance about love, the afterlife and brain surgery. Even today it frequently tops lists of the greatest films ever made, and is referenced in everything from Wallace and Gromit to the 2012 Olympics opening ceremony.

  1. Squadron Leader Peter Carter miraculously survives a jump from his burning plane, and falls in love with June, an American radio operator. He ought to be dead – the heavenly authorities have missed him in the sea fog. Peter demands an appeal, but will they let him live?

Dr Frank Reeves’ sudden death reunites him in the Other World with Peter Carter, who hovers between life and death as his operation begins. Can they win Peter’s celestial court case?