Comedy series by Peter Tinniswood

A Happy Family – 1 A manipulative rogue threatens a family’s harmony. Starring Bill Wallis. From April 1989.
Weaving the Spells – 2 Thrown out by his wife, the cordon bleu scoundrel moves into Nancy’s house uninvited.
Without a Doubt – 3 Nancy’s brother and sister threaten to leave for London, and Father is drinking again.
What Do You Reckon? – 4 Rosie’s plan to live in London suits the old rogue, but where is Father plotting to go?
Whacko Jolly Dee – 5 The wily poacher’s plans for a life of bliss with Nancy hit a snag.
The Village Fete – 6 Father enjoys a remarkable recovery, while Nancy makes a big decision over the old rogue.

Winston Comes to Town
A Tweak of Thread – 1 Father’s illness forces the family to return to London, but Nancy is fretting over Winston
Line of Communication – 2 The cunning rogue has stowed away in a removal van to follow the family to London.
Has Anyone Seen Winston? – 3 The family has moved to London, and Nancy is worried when the old rogue disappears.
Repeat After Me – 4 William is writing mucky books under a nom de plume, and a decision is taken over Father.
Easy to Love – 5 The old rogue’s newfound wealth goes to his head, and what is to be done about Father?
The Best Place for Them – 6 With Father set for an old folk’s home, can the old rogue save the day for Nancy?

Winston in Love
I’m in Love, I’m in Love – 1 Newly in love, Nancy is not too keen on recalling past events with old rogue Winston.
Taking Tea With Roland – 2 Nancy wants her new man to meet the family but will old rogue Winston sabotage the event?
Happy Days in Cawnpore – 3 Everyone is in love except William, but is Nancy’s ministry man her best choice?
A Dangerous Critter – 4 Love is in the air – even the old rogue’s hooked up. But has Nancy met her match?
Figuratively Speaking – 5 When Nancy elopes the whole family are worried about her, except for Father.
Clip Clop, Clip Clop – 6 It’s Father’s wedding day, but will he really cut his family off without a bean?

Winston in Europe
Don’t Gush, Nancy – 1 Father wants to move abroad, but old rogue Winston’s not his usual chipper self.
An Educated Woman – 2 The old rogue’s talk of Flaubert, Baudelaire and Renoir baffles Nancy.
Where Are We Now? – 3 The old rogue challenges Nancy’s intelligence. Father sings the praises of Crewe toilets.
Coping With Urges – 4 Rosie fancies a dishy French estate agent, but Nancy reckons she saw him first.
Questions and Answers – 5 The old rogue has something he wants to ask Nancy, but Father has his own plans.
Finis – 6 On the family’s whistle-stop tour of Europe, Father shows them where he married Mother.

Winston Back Home
So This Is What Happiness Is All About – 1 The old rogue and Nancy’s idyllic return to Winterleaf Gunner proves to be short lived
A Whale of a Time with Chekhov – 2 Angry Nancy takes action when she hears what the old rogue has been up to.
Don’t Call Me Soams – 3 Rosie and William irk the old rogue, so he turns to The Forsyte Saga.
Say It Again, Winston – 4 The old rogue has run away and taken the geese, but Nancy intervenes.
A Born Natural – 5 The old rogue’s plot to be alone with Nancy gets a boost from father.
After All This Time, a Happy Ending – 6 The old rogue and Nancy are set to wed at last, but how will they tie the knot?
Winston at Christmas – 7 Nancy is keen for the family to enjoy a festive celebration together.