Two series of the BBC Radio 4 sitcom about an alien invasion of a small village, starring Hattie Morahan and Julian Rhind-Tutt with Peter Davison and Jan Francis.

When the small Buckinghamshire village of Cresdon Green is invaded by an alien race called the Geonin, the local residents come up against Uljabaan, the smooth-talking leader of the aliens.

Katrina Lyons was only visiting Cresdon Green, the village where she grew up, to borrow some money from her parents. They said no. But when she tried to head back to London, it turned out aliens had lowered a force field around the village and were refusing to let anyone in or out.

The Geonin are not your typical alien invaders. Instead of the usual all-at-once approach to global domination (which usually fails, they’ve noticed) they’ve decided to start small. They’ve encircled the small English village with an impenetrable heat wave, preventing anything coming in or out. With Cresdon Green as their base, they will learn about humankind, using their knowledge to effectively and efficiently spread their domination over the rest of the world, bit by bit.

Katrina finds their global invasion plans even more abhorrent than the prospect of living with her parents again at the age of thirty four. Unfortunately almost everyone in the village is too cowardly, apathetic, polite or stupid to stand up to this alien menace, so Katrina has no choice but to start the resistance movement herself. In the cricket pavilion.

Along with Lucy Alexander (the only teenager in the village, willing to rebel against whatever you’ve got) Katrina forms The Resistance – slightly to the annoyance of her parents, Margaret and Richard, who wish she wouldn’t make so much of a fuss, and much to the annoyance of Field Commander Uljabaan who, alongside his unintelligible minions and The Computer (his hyper-intelligent supercomputer), is trying to actually run the invasion.

The first series ended with the observation project being extended for another year – so the second series sees Katrina and Lucy still running the resistance; Field Commander Uljabaan still struggling to understand humanity against the backdrop of Geonin budget cuts; Margaret and Richard still not trying to upset their new alien overlords; and the computer just wondering why they all bother.