Sci-fi comedy about the bizarre city of Undone – a weird parallel version of London.

Edna Turner has moved to London to start a new job at entertainment magazine Get Out! When she arrives, she meets the strange Tankerton Slopes, who claims to come from a parallel version of London known as ‘Undone’. Undone is ‘where the weirdness comes from’: where you can find pet tricks shows, medication designed to make you paranoid and the Undone delicacy ‘troubled eggs’. Weird things flow into London, and mundane things flow into Undone, making them the peculiar places they are. 

Tankerton offers Edna the task of patrolling the gaps between the cities: finding anyone from Undone who is in London and bringing them back. Because if an ‘Undoner’ stays in London for too long, things become very weird indeed….

With a cast including Alex Tregear, Ben Moor, Kevin Eldon, Tim Key, Emma Kennedy and Al Murray, this sci-fi comedy will take you to a dimension just beyond normal logic.