To The Manor Born Radio Series, 1997

Sixteen years after the original TV series came to an end, ten thirty minute episodes were broadcast on BBC Radio.

Despite the success of the TV version To The Manor Born had been intended for radio. The ten episodes originally went out on a Saturday afternoon on Radio 2. Of the ten six episodes were adapted from the TV version and four were especially written for the series.

Although Penelope Keith and Angela Thorne reprised their roles time had passed and many of the cast members had passed away.

Follows the same basic plot as it’s TV counterpart.

On the death of her husband Marton, Audrey Forbes-Hamilton believes she now has control over the Grantleigh Estate which her family the fforbes-Hamiltons have controlled for 400 years. Her joy is short lived when her solicitor tells her Marton was bankrupt and that the estate will be auctioned.

After being outbid for the Manor Audrey moves to the lodge to keep an eye on the new Lord of the Manor Richard De Vere.

The series follows Audrey’s attempts to ensure the new lord runs the estate to her satisfaction.