Max Carrados, a fictional detective series, was first introduced to the literary world by Ernest Bramah in 1914. In the Edwardian era, Carrados’ stories often outsold Sherlock Holmes, with the blind detective sharing top billing with his fictional rival.
George Orwell wrote that together with those of Conan Doyle, they were “the only detective stories since Poe that are worth rereading”.

01 – In ‘The Coin of Dionysius’ we first meet the suave sleuth Max Carrados, as he is called on by old friend Louis Carlyle to help determine whether an old coin is real or a clever fake.

02 – In ‘The Game Played in the Dark’, Max Carrados is contacted by the British Museum about a horde of stolen ancient coins. On the lookout for the coins, he is intrigued by the approach of an Italian lady who takes him from the safety of his study to a meeting with some recognisable former adversaries….

03 – The Holloway Flat Tragedy
04 – The Curious Circumstances of the Two Left Shoes
05 – The Secret of Headlam Height
06 – The Mystery of the Vanished Petition Crown
07 – The Ingenious Mind of Mr Rigby Lacksome
08 – The Strange Case of Cyril Bycourt
09 – The Crime at the House in Culver Street
10 – The Bunch of Violets
11 – The Missing Witness Sensation