Before the Screaming Begins
Sci-fi thriller. A man is abducted by aliens on his wedding anniversary
1 An invasion by aliens interrupts a wedding anniversary celebration.
2 Tom’s new mental powers interest the authorities.
3 The alien intent is revealed. Can the Earth fight back? Stars Donald Hewlett.

The Silent Scream
On the verge of Armageddon, the Earth is threatened by an alien invasion. Sci-fi trilogy.
1 The alien takeover gathers pace. Sequel to Before the Screaming Begins.
2 The aliens are standing by to invade, but is there an even bigger threat to humanity?
3 As the alien takeover approaches, can humanity fend off enemies from without and within?

With a Whimper to the Grave
The Earth is threatened by aliens, but the British government has a plan.
1 Aliens are threatening Earth, but the British government has a cunning plan.
2 With Tom trapped amongst the aliens, Sally finds a government ally.
3 As the aliens’ plans are revealed, the World Council takes action. With Patrick Troughton.

This is the story of aliens who unlock the human sixth sense – but for what purpose?….. A Series of Radio Plays by acclaimed author and dramatist Wally K Daly – three sets of three episodes of approx 30 minutes each in high quality MP3. Regarded by critics as BBC Radio SciFi drama at it’s very best, this trilogy was broadcast as three episodes per year from 1977 to 1979. Episode summaries are not provided to avoid spoiling the plot. The final set of the trilogy – With A Whimper To The Grave – was lost to the BBC Archive, but subsequently reconstructed from Wally K Daly’s personal tapes.

With (at various stages):
James Laurenson
Jennifer Piercy
Patrick Troughton (AKA Dr Who)
Donald Hewlett (AKA Colonel Charles Reynolds in “It Ain’t Half Hot Mum”)
Hannah Gordon
Colin Douglas
John Shrapnel
Maureen O’Brien
Angela Thorne
Timothy West