Mistaking it for the night bus to Mitcham, Bernie inadvertently ends up a prisoner on a time-travelling double-decker. Stars Amanda Donohoe, Karl Minns and Owen Evans

  1. Taking the Michelangelo – When Bernie catches the wrong London bus, he’s transported back to 16th century Rome to thwart two meddling time travellers – and rescue Michelangelo.
  2. Don’t Be a Freud – The time travellers hit 19th-century Austria, where Freud is about to give a historic paper on telepathy, which Raymond and Hildegard are bent on stealing‚Ķ
  3. On the Buses РBernie is kidnapped by Hildegard and then escapes to the 24th century. Raymond discovers his true identity…
  4. Wolfie and Beetie – Raymond and Hildegard kidnap Beethoven and Mozart in their plot to create the greatest ever rock band. Herr Grubberman comes clean, while Bernie finally discovers the truth about who – or what- is driving the time bus.

Starring Amanda Donohoe as Hilderghast, Andrew McGibbon as Raymond, Karl Minns as the Conductor, Owen Evans as Bernie, Nick Romero as Mozart, Andy Mulligan as Herr Grubberman, Dan Freedman as Glenn Miller, Alex Lowe as Taffy and Sophie Aldred as Spikea.

Written by Andrew McGibbon. Additional material by Rob Colley and Kevin Greening.