Five-part thriller serial by Jon Rollason and Keith Williams.

  1. Mysterious Stranger – Douglas and Penelope Shemley buy an old painting by an obscure German artist called Isadore Meyer. But who is the mysterious stranger following them?
  2. Break-In – A large pile of cash gets offered to Douglas and Penelope for their old painting of a quarry by Isadore Meyer. But why does it seem some people are determined to take if off them at any cost..?
  3. Stranger Revealed – Douglas and Penelope begin to unravel the secrets surrounding the painting. And the identity of who exactly wants the picture – and why – is revealed….
  4. Framed? – Worthless or valuable? Douglas and Penny still don’t fully understand the crazy scramble for their painting. But more shocks are in store…
  5. Truth Revealed – Why did Reinke shout “let it burn?” The chilling secret behind Douglas and Penelope’s painting is finally revealed…

Stars Barry Foster, Penelope Lee, Frederick Schrecker and Andrew Sachs.