The story follows the real life establishment of a Premonitions Bureau by Dr John Barker in the 1960s to scientifically record and investigate the claims of those who believed they had the power of foresight and could predict an impending disaster. From coal mining disasters, to the largest train and plane accidents ever recorded (and also to the prediction of Barker’s own death), The Premonitions Bureau is an enthralling and eerie true story of psychology, science and the supernatural – a journey to the most powerful and unsettling reaches of the human mind.

In The Mine, we hear of the moments leading up to one of Britain’s most tragic disasters, of those individuals who claim to have predicted it, and meet the psychologist who believed he was on the edge of something momentous.

In The Bureau, the response to Barker’s advertisement for premonitions of the Aberfan disaster returns some fascinating results, and Barker’s theories on the reality of precognition begin to evolve.

In The Record Breaker, when a multi-record holder puts aside his strange uneasiness to attempt to break his own speed record, with fatal consequences, the Premonitions Bureau begins to be taken much more seriously, and the reported foresights begin to snowball.

In The Jet, the Premonitions Bureau gets its first major hit with an eerily accurate prediction, and a late night phone call from the same seer gives Barker cause for concern.

In The Spacecraft, Barker comes to terms with the prediction of his own demise, and another accurate foresight is recorded just hours after a daring Russian space mission blasts off.

In The Fire, Barker finally publishes his book, which receives very mixed reviews, whilst the Premonitions Bureau is thrown into the spotlight for failing to warn of a disaster closer to home.

In The Politician, the publication of the identities of the Bureau’s two most successful seers starts to cause problems, and a prediction of history repeating itself is linked to one of America’s most famous families.