By Mike Walker. Starring Patrick Baladi and Sirine Saba.

Cosimo de’ Medici inherits his father’s bank. Through shrewd trade and business innovation he becomes the richest man in Europe and a great patron of the Arts, but will Albizzi and the ruling families of Florence ever accept him as an equal?

Young Lorenzo is more interested in Art and romance than banking. His mother Lucrezia is still holding the family and the business together. Can he step up to the task of ruling Florence in all but name? Or will his enemies put a knife in his back?

Lorenzo the Magnificent has to try and stop the war with the Pope. To do it he will have to go alone to Naples to negotiate with King Ferrante – the most terrifying ruler in Europe. He would rather surround himself with Art and artists, but unexpected troubles are coming from the North too – the zealous monk Savonarola is determined to purge Florence of sin, which means the rich and all their baubles of beauty.. And the bank is in decline. Can he save anything for his dim witted successors? Will they even care?