A collection of four full cast BBC radio trilogies, written and directed by John Dryden.

A Tokyo Murder
‘The Parents’: Jennifer and Peter Whitelock arrive in Japan to help find their daughter’s murderer. Frustrated with the slow progress of the police investigation, Peter puts his trust in TV producer Norio Ito, who promises to champion their cause on his popular ‘news and entertainment’ show, while Jennifer tries to discover what her daughter’s life in Tokyo was like. Then she starts getting calls from a man claiming to be the killer….
‘The Detective’: Detective Inspector Julie Hill is sent to Tokyo to investigate the disappearance of British teacher Daisy Whitelock. Working with the Tokyo police, who are reluctant to have a foreign police officer interfering with the case, she has to overcome cultural and bureaucratic obstacles as she attempts to untangle what really happened at the foreign language school Daisy taught at.
‘The Daughter’: Daisy Whitelock arrives in Japan to teach English at a foreign language school in Tokyo. Her desire to scratch beneath the surface of Japanese society leads her to shun the companionship of the other ex-pat teachers in her shared apartment, and exposes her to the terrifying reality of a disturbed mind.

Severed Threads
Three lives on three continents connected by one event. A young British schoolboy obsessed with school massacres, a radio journalist in India on the trail of a scoop for the BBC, and the boss of an American church-owned clothing firm. At first the three lives seem totally unconnected, but as the threads unravel they become tangled in a shocking heap of child labour, abuse and murder.

Dr Jan Roldanus, a microbiologist and WHO advisor on infectious diseases, arrives in Bangkok to give a keynote lecture at a medical conference. Whilst there, he is invited to observe the local authority’s handling of an outbreak of bird flu. But when a new virulent strain, ‘Red Eye’, emerges – causing bleeding eyes followed by death – he finds himself trapped in Thailand, unable to fly home to his wife and son. As the virus spreads at a terrifying pace, his investigations lead him to one inescapable and terrible conclusion…

The Reluctant Spy
In Cairo against a backdrop of the “Arab Spring”, hard-up Coptic art expert Duncan Kavanagh scrapes a living as a private English language tutor and by showing tourists around the ancient churches of Cairo. He lives with his feisty, politically-aware, 15-year-old daughter Ola, who is half-Egyptian, in a modest flat they can barely afford. Since the revolution, the situation has become ever harder for Duncan with tourists in short supply. When approached by seductive Canadian student Tara Moore to deliver a letter (for money) to a prominent Egyptian politician whose son Duncan teaches, he accepts. It’s a decision that will solve his short-term financial problems but embroil him in a complex web of secrets and misinformation and a struggle for his own and his daughter’s survival.