Carte Blanche

Inside spy agency GCHQ, agents are monitoring delegates of the G20 summit when they discover a sophisticated cyber-attack targeting the UK National Grid. Senior analyst Henry Morcombe, already unconvinced about the need to monitor allies, leads the team tasked with investigating the threat. The attack is highly sophisticated and comes from an unknown source. Could it be connected to the G20? It could be criminals, terrorists or even other nation states. Henry and his team attempt to find out, needing to deploy ever more creative ways of monitoring their targets.

Private Lives

Following a cyber-attack on the UK National Grid, electricity substations have been infected by a computer virus that can shut them down at a moment’s notice. Once blackouts commence, it would be a matter of hours before country is thrown into utter chaos. Pressure is mounting on agents at GCHQ to neutralise the threat and find the source of the attack. Critical infrastructure is the new front line of a war that is being fought through keyboards and computer networks.

Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodes

Following a fiendishly complex cyber-attack on the UK electricity system, hospitals, food distribution, communications systems and transport networks are thrown into disarray. Lives are at risk while GCHQ agents attempt to contain the virus. As Henry Morcombe and his team get close to the source of the attack, their suspicions fall on a most unlikely source and they now have to deal with a very inconvenient truth.

The Good Listener created by Fin Kennedy and Boz Temple-Morris