An Encounter with Mr Newton – Intellectual giant Isaac Newton is in town and he’s struggling with a new theory to explain why things keep falling on his head. He encounters the members of the Fair Intellectual club – a secret society for the scholarly improvement of young ladies. With the help of carefree socialite Ishbel, devout clergyman’s daughter Marjory and maths boffin Alison, the penny finally drops. Mr Newton also has to contend with Alison’s idiot brother Robert, Ishbel’s ancient retainer Kennedy and a rented pineapple.

A Rendezvous with Mr Voltaire – Lucy Porter’s sitcom takes us to Edinburgh in the early 18th Century. Monsieur Voltaire has been thrown out of France for immorality and has come to see his old friend Robert. He trades philosophical maxims with Ishbel and the fellow members of her secret society – Alison and Marjory. The scholarly young ladies teach him the value of free speech and a brand new use for a broom handle.

An Encounter with Mr Handel – Friedrich Handel is down in the dumps because the King is growing tired of his music. He heads north to Edinburgh for inspiration and meets the ladies of The Fair Intellectual Club – a secret scholarly society for girls. With the help of Marjory, Handel finds a melancholy theme for a new work. Thanks to the efforts of girl-about-town Ishbel and maths genius Alison, he ends up with a much jauntier, raunchier tune.

A Sojourn with Mr Swift – It’s festival time in Edinburgh, but in the early 18th century it’s not a place for comedians and actors, but priests and storytellers like Jonathan Swift. This young Irish clergyman wants help with his tales, and the members of the Fair Intellectual Club are keen to help him win the So You Think You’re Holy competition. Alison’s idiot brother Robert needs assistance too – and an unfortunate mix-up leads to the creation of a literary masterpiece.

An Engagement with Mr Hogarth – A young painter named William Hogarth has been employed to paint Edinburgh Society beauty Ishbel. Science whizz Alison is making potions for her brother Robert. Hogarth finds inspiration but Alison faces ruin unless Marjory and Kennedy can save the day. Public and private morality come under the spotlight in Lucy Porter’s 18th Century sitcom.

A Fling with Mr Franklin – A young American inventor named Ben Franklin ends up in Edinburgh. The young ladies of a secret scholarly society are seduced by his exciting talk of the New World and his intellectual prowess. An elopement is on the cards as Marjory is set to be torn from the wrinkly arms of her fiancé. Will the girls leave their beloved Scotland? Sparks fly and electricity abounds in the final episode of Lucy Porter’s 18th Century Sitcom.

An Absolutely production for BBC Radio 4, first broadcast in December 2016.