Samantha Bond stars in two captivating stories set around a hostel for Land Girls during World War Two.

Based in Devon in the 1940s, these two dramas follow the lives and loves of a group of young women, all from different backgrounds, but all determined to do their bit for king and country in the Land Army. Billeted in a hastily converted farmhouse, they face cramped conditions and gruelling work – but there’s always dances at the village hop and the chance of romance with a GI….

The Cinderella Service

It’s 1943, and Alice Todd has just separated from her husband. With a 10-year-old son to care for, she accepts the position of warden at a hostel for Land Girls: but is she up to the job? Looking after 10 lively, independent women is hard, and when Alice’s competence is questioned, she doubts her ability to cope. Will the loyalty and friendship of her girls persuade her to stick it out?

Cinderella D-Day

Alice is still busy running the Women’s Land Army hostel, as well as taking tentative steps in her new career and a fledgling relationship. But the girls in her care are finding that life in wartime does not run smoothly. As the hostilities rumble on, there is happiness and heartbreak in store and the hostel residents face danger and some stark personal choices….

Created by Julia Stoneham – a regular writer on hit TV show The House of Elliott – these evocative wartime dramas star Samantha Bond as Alice, with a cast including June Barrie, Tilly Vosburgh, Becky Hindley and Deborah McAndrew.

Directed by Tracey Neale

Theme tune: ‘This Time the Dream’s on Me’ by Harold Arlen and Johnny Mercer, lyrics Warner Chappell Music, Inc.