The useless and forgetful Sir Plympton Makepeace MP rambles and reminisces about life in the House of Commons. Peter Tinniswood comedy with Leslie Phillips.

Tales from the Backbench was an 8-part (4 parts per series) comedy series created by Peter Tinniswood. First broadcast on BBC Radio in 2001, it featured the character of Sir Plympton Makepeace MP who first appeared in On The Whole It’s Been Jolly Good. Leslie Phillips played the useless/forgetful Sir Plympton as he rambled on (and on!) about his life about/in the (British) House of Commons.
Directed by Enyd Williams.

Episode 1: The General Thingermejig – Sir Plympton recalls how he was brought back into politics after 3 years in the “wilderness”. He also tells of his happy association with Major Atlee, co-founder of the House of Commons Train Spotters’ Club.

Episode 2: Naming Names – Sir Plympton, unreliably, remembers a scandal involving an eminent politician and the Third Lady.

Episode 3: The 1929 Committee – The ineffectual and forgetful Sir Plympton shares his loathing of most politicians and their “proclivities”.

Episode 4: The Great Snitcher – Sir Plympton recalls his hero – and his dalliance with a Russian spy.

Series 2

1: The Campaign – The useless and forgetful Sir Plympton tells of a non-existent election campaign – planned in a pub.

2: How Long, How Long? – Sir Plympton Makepeace attempts to tell us when the House of Commons was “fun”. And about a friend of his who replaced the Queen’s Speech…

3: Dalliances – The silly, old sod Sir Plympton shares his memories of his carnal and amorous moments at Westminster, including a romance with Dame Valerie Bispham.

4: Time to Confess – Sir Plympton Makepeace admits to being a persona: of untruths and fantasy.