Having journeyed through time in order to restore peace to the galaxy, Cal Carver and Space Team are a little dismayed to find out they may have inadvertently made things even worse.


Captured by an unfamiliar alien species, the crew is banished to a life of slavery in the Mustard Mines of Moktar, where they come face to face with the sinister Manacle – a terrying new enemy whose diabolical agenda is worse than any they have encountered before.

With the clock ticking and thousands of lives at stake, Space Team must race across the galaxy, stop Manacle’s evil scheme, and save the day once more.

But first, they have to escape…

Featuring space gnomes, sand stomachs, and the sexiest facial paralysis in history, Space Team: Sting of the Mustard Mines is the tenth explosive adventure in the Space Team series, and the perfect jumping-on point for new readers.