Space Force was a BBC Radio science fiction serial, broadcast from 4 April 1984 to 17 June 1985.

Written by Charles Chilton, it was originally intended to be a sequel to his 1950s Journey into Space series, using the same cast who had made a one-off revival of that series entitled ‘The Return From Mars’ in 1981. While this idea was dropped late in the development of the serial, the four characters, played by Barry Foster, Nigel Stock, Nicky Henson, and Tony Osoba, are nevertheless essentially the same as those from the earlier series, albeit with different names.

The first series sees the team travelling to Jupiter, where they encounter a ship crewed entirely by female aliens.

The second series finds the crew tackling aliens posing as ancient Egyptians.

Within both series, Space Force is the name of the team’s spaceship, rather than the name of an organisation.