Series 1-3 of the 1960s comedy set in the world of advertising.

Set in a London ad agency called ‘Apsley, Addis, Cohen, Barbican, Blythe, Giddy & Partners’, Something To Shout About ran over three series in 1960-61.

Michael Medwin stars as account executive Michael, with Fenella Fielding as his seductive secretary Janet, Joan Sims and Sheila Hancock as shorthand typists Mavis and Shirley, Eleanor Summerfield as no-frills executive Maggie and Nicholas Phipps as copywriter Adrian. This disparate team must stick together to succeed, as they battle to win new accounts and impress clients – and from wooing a US tycoon to putting a glamorous spin on a dreary seaside holiday camp, they always think big. Why else would they hire an elephant to promote bath salts?

In these three series, a new recruit unsettles the ad agency’s routine, there’s uproar in the agency when the women discover that the men get paid more, a Parisian photoshoot is ruined and has to be redone on a budget and a team trip to the countryside to work on a shampoo commercial doesn’t go to plan….

Written by Myles Rudge and guest-starring Warren Mitchell and Roy Dotrice in a variety of roles, this light-hearted look at the advertising world is a treat for lovers of classic radio comedy.

Written by Myles Rudge and Ronnie Wolfe.

The series revolves around the adventures of a London-based advertising agency: Apsley, Addis, Cone, Barbican, Blythe, Giddy and Panners – a small company that thinks big!

By 1960 television was getting into full speed, but radio was still a poular medium. After all at this point in time iot had left us with comedy classics such as Hancock’s Half Hour, Take It From Here and the legend that was The Goon Show. However these three radio legends were coming to an end. Hancock’s Half Hour had finished it’s radio series in 1959 and would finish it’s run on TV in it’s current format in 1960, although it would go on for one more series as Hancock with a few noticable changes. The Goon show ended in this year as did Take It From Here.

This left the BBC with a massive hole in their shedule. There were even those that felt that radio would never be the same. However in the summer of 1960 (July) the BBC unveiled it’s new comedy series “Something To Shout About” The show filled the gap left by the others admirably running for 3 series between 1960 and 1962.

Surprisingly all the episodes still exist in the BBC archive yet it rarely gets repeated until recently when BBC Radio 4 Extra picked it up.