Comedy series by Hilary Lyon set in an Edinburgh cafe

Arty Trisha and sensible sister Clare open their new Edinburgh cafe together. Polish chef, Krzysztof, and uninvited waitress, Lizzie, both help and hinder – but will they all even get through Day 1?

Hilary Lyon’s series sees erstwhile free spirit Trisha (played by Julie Graham) return to her native city of Edinburgh after years of living in London. Trisha, a generally relaxed and positive art teacher is coping with not only unexpectedly losing her job, but also trying to repair her bruised heart. Nonetheless, she arrives at Waverley Station enthusiastic and eager for the next chapter of her life to begin. Trisha’s solvent big sister Clare (played by Hilary Lyon) is a non-practising qualified accountant, has been married for years, has two spoiled teenage children and has probably spent too much time on the school PTA. Clare struggles with a tendency towards suburban snobbery and an obsessive need to control but happily facilitates the opening of ‘Cafe Culture’ in leafy Bruntsfield, which marks the beginning of a whole new era for both sisters.

Throw in temperamental opera-loving Polish chef, Krzysztof (Simon Greenall) and a strangely forward teenage customer, Lizzie (Pearl Appleby), and you have the perfect recipe for volatile relationship tension, a lot of laughs and a few secrets for good measure.