Surreal improvisational comedian Ross Noble takes his unusual style of Geordie stand up all over the world

Part stand up – part travel show. Ross Noble takes his unique style of stand up comedy to various locations all over the world, while also giving a unique guide to the local area.

Series 1:
Eastern Europe – Ross invades Budapest and Warsaw to entertain the locals with his stand-up act. He chats to the mayor of Warsaw about furry hats, uncovers the truth about suicidal Hungarian monks and even shares a curry with Poland’s premier comedian.

China – Ross lands up in Shanghai, where he performs to locals, meets Buddhist monks, watches 1,000 pensioners doing t’ai chi and discovers he has an allergy to incense.

South Africa – The comic visits South Africa, where he meets the Whale Cryer of Hermanus, seeks out penguins on a jet ski and discovers that the monkeys in Cape Town have a taste for lobster. He also has comes up with a new concept – jazz whale-crying.

Ireland – Ross takes in the sights of Sligo, Kilkenny and Dublin where he performs his unique brand of stand-up and tries his hand at playing the penny whistle – but will Irish eyes still be smiling at the end of his act?

Singapore – In Singapore Ross discovers an amazing fact about the Japanese invasion of WW2, spots a monkey and realises that his hairstyle is not suited to high humidity.

Series 2:
This new series sees Ross travelling the world once again, taking in the sights (but mainly the sounds) of Australia, Italy, Egypt and Belgium by day, and entertaining the locals with his microphone by night.

In the first episode, Ross travels to Brussels… a city with a reputation a little on the dull side. But he soon finds out that with chocolate on every corner, a puzzling statue of an incontinent child, and the honour of being associated with the always-exciting Jean-Claude Van Damme, Brussels might be his kind of city after all…

In Egypt, Ross performs in a Bedoin tent by firelight in the middle of the desert… the Bedoins aren’t really sure why he’s there, but the amount of Bedoin tea they make him drink shows he is welcome.

In Australia, Ross makes the acquaintance of some drunks who are convinced he is a spy…

…and in Italy, a failed attempt to communicate in Italian earns him new friends.