Night Terrace is time-travel audio comedy from Australia, featuring Jackie Woodburne (Neighbours) as Dr Anastasia Black.

From the promotional description:

Dr Anastasia Black just wanted a quiet retirement, so she’s not exactly thrilled when her suburban terrace house spontaneously starts to travel through time and space.

She is joined by student and door-to-door electricity plan salesman Eddie Jones (Ben McKenzie) and, later, fellow ex-D.E.P.A.R.T.M.E.N.T. agent Susan Denholm (Petra Elliott).

Together they’ll try to get along in the face of alien invasions, hideous monsters, and an inability to put the kettle on without the house appearing somewhere new. But will it ever take them home?

So far there have been two seasons, each funded through Kickstarter, with a third season scheduled for 2020.