The deeds and misdeeds of Uncle Silas, the rural reprobate, were renowned in the short stories H E Bates published in the 1930s.In this collection the stories are presented in full, accompanied by the original drawings by Edward Ardizzone that perfectly capture the little reed-thatched house atop a violet-banked…

lane.Over the course of ninety-five years Uncle Silas found the time to do most things: He boasted of the villains he had knocked to kingdom come as he boasted of the women whose hearts he had truly captured.

Crotchety, vainglorious, occasionally wicked, he maintained a devilish spark of audacity which made him so attractive to everyone he met.

Note: There are only 12 original episodes of My Uncle Silas by Neal
8 from 1985
3 from 1986
1 from 1988
all others are repeats.

Plus 5 new episodes by Neal in a new series staring Uncles Silas called sugar for my horse.