Two full-cast dramatisations of Jeffrey Archer’s thrillers with narration by Jeffrey Archer himself.

Jeffery Archer is a New York Times best-selling author, published in over 37 languages across 97 countries. Jeffrey Archer’s debut novel Not A Penny More, Not A Penny Less from 1976 is dramatised here in seven parts by Betty Davis; as well as his later work A Matter of Honour, which was recently rediscovered in the collection of an amateur archivist after the recording was lost on delivery to the BBC archives. The sound quality of A Matter of Honour may be affected as a result.

Not A Penny More, Not A Penny Less

The conned: an Oxford don, a revered society physician, a chic French art dealer and a charming English lord. They have one thing in common. Overnight, each novice investor lost his life’s fortune to one man.

The con: Harvey Metcalfe. A brilliant, self-made guru of deceit. A very dangerous individual. And now, a hunted man. With nothing left to lose, four strangers are about to come together, each experts in their own field.

Their plan: find Harvey, shadow him, trap him and destroy him, penny-for-penny. From the luxurious casinos of Monte Carlo to the high-stakes windows at Ascot; from the bustle of Wall Street to fashionable London galleries, their own ingenious game has begun.

It’s called revenge, and they were taught by a master.

A Matter of Honour

10th May 1966: The Tsar’s Icon is a fake. It is imperative that the original be found, and by 20th June. Finding it will change the course of human history.

It seems innocent enough. A disgraced British colonel bequeaths a mysterious letter to his only son. But the moment Adam Scott opens the yellowing envelope, he sets into motion a deadly chain of events that threatens to shake the very foundations of the free world.

When at last he comes to understand what he is in possession of, he’s even more determined to protect it, for it’s more than a matter of life and death, it’s a matter of honour.