Welcome to Bigipedia – the omniscient friend you know from your computer and laser watch takes over your PC for 30 minutes in a unique experiment in broadwebcasting…. 

This is the complete first and second series. Launched on an unsuspecting public, Bigipedia is a massive mash-up of Google, Microsoft, Apple, Wikipedia, MySpace, Yahoo and Amazon, all vying for your attention, love, money and occasionally vital organs. Sponsored by Chianti, the world’s worst-ever beverage with its series of ever more off-putting straplines (“Chianti – legally, wine”).

Over the first series you can pick your own audio screensaver from a choice of ‘Paris by Night’, ‘Laughing Clowns’ or ‘Duelling Tarzans’, meet Felix Richards, the world’s most petrified ghosthunter, pay extra to hear the show in more than Monovoice and hear the Bigipedia entry on the mysterious world of The Bee Whisperer. And this week’s edition of Bigikids will teach you ‘How to Be a Spy!’, enjoy the full benefits of having a BigiNanoBot implanted in your brain to fully enhance the sharing experience (or ‘hive mind’) and, if you’re feeling any sort of pain or death, take advantage of our free BigiMedic software to allow us to allow you to diagnose yourself. 

And now – you can enjoy the long-awaited release of Bigipedia 2.0 – the infallible, ever-present cyberfriend is back! Now with all errors mistake. 

In episode 2, we discover how Bigipedia 2.0 is now bigger, better and closer – so it looks bigger twice! Also, the wisdom of crowds, the joy of deregulated advertising and Bigipedia throughout history. 

In episode 3, Bigipedia 2.0 launches its own social network, BigiBuzz! Find out what’s popular so you can be one of them! Also, Britain’s least-haunted house is visited by terrified ghost hunter Felix Richard, and we find out the true meaning of pilk and pleather. 

And in the final episode, we launch BigiHype – the surefire way to raise the profile of a new event or an unpopular charity!