Jack London was the epitome of the hard-drinking, hard-living novelist. His extraordinary career included spells as an oyster pirate, sailor, hobo, prospector in the Klondike Gold Rush, reporter in the Russo-Japanese war and round-the-world yachtsman. A chronic alcoholic, he died aged just 40, having written some of the best-loved adventure stories in American literature. Included here are three of his most famous works, together with a thrilling original drama about the man himself and a fascinating documentary exploring his turbulent life.

The Call of the Wild – Kidnapped from a wealthy Californian household, domestic pet Buck is sold to become a sled dog in the harsh landscape of the Yukon. To survive, he must shed the veneer of civilization and rediscover his primordial instincts… Robert Jack and Finn den Hertog star in this atmospheric dramatisation of London’s epic novella.

The Sea Wolf – Shipwrecked literary critic Humphrey Van Weyden is rescued by Wolf Larsen, the ruthless, demonic captain of the seal-hunting schooner, Ghost. But when the ship picks up another castaway, Maud Brewster, the real danger on the voyage begins… Jack Klaff, Kerry Shale and Shelley Thompson star in this gripping tale of heroism, survival and love on the high seas.

To Build a Fire – In this classic short story, a man walks the frozen Yukon back to base camp, his only companion a wild husky dog. As conditions steadily worsen, it becomes a fight for survival in the unforgiving wilderness. How far, then, is base camp? Read by Stuart Milligan.

Jack – In 1906, Jack London set out to circumnavigate the world in a small boat, accompanied by his wife, Charmian. Through the couple’s revealing letters, author Steve May tells the ultimately tragic story of this most quintessentially ‘macho ‘ of American writers. Starring Keith Alexander and Kate Harper. Content warning: The characters in this story express racist views from the era in which the story is set.

London Calling – Aminatta Forna explains how the vivid descriptions of the wilderness in the works of Jack London had a crucial influence over her. Talking to authors including Tobias Wolff and George Monbiot, she finds out about his remarkable life and the enduring popularity of his work.

First published 1903 (The Call of the Wild), 1904 (The Sea-Wolf), 1908 (To Build a Fire)