Psychotherapist Martha is reasonably compassionate, but deep down she’s losing patience. It seems all her clients want to be something they are not, and it’s driving them (and her) out of their minds.

There’s Richard Fallon MP, who’s convinced that promotion to the front bench is being denied him because of his obese son and a wife who lost all patience with him 20 years ago.

Caroline, who is worried that instead of following the path of celebrity like her, her daughter may go on to study mere physics – thereby consigning her (and more importantly Caroline) to a life of unbearable ordinariness.

Philip, who insists he isn’t facing a crisis since his demotion from Good Morning Norfolk to a shopping channel, but whose new girlfriend is 30 years his junior and clearly on the make.

Howard, a chef whose 33-year-old son Aaron is still trying to get a band off the ground whilst looming resentfully over his parents’ lives from the back bedroom.

And Tony, Howard’s boss at the restaurant, whose wife thinks he needs therapy. He has no idea why. Mostly he wants to talk about why women are so weird and why he has absolutely no need of a therapist. However, he would like Martha to give him a certificate proving his sanity, if possible.

Across a series of 15-minute comedy vignettes, How Does that Make You Feel? offers a fly-on-the-wall view of Martha’s sessions, each one shedding more light on the lives of her entertaining clients.

Starring Frances Tomelty, Roger Allam, Marcella Riordan, Tim McInnerny, Cathy Belton and Rebecca Saire.

Produced and directed by Eoin O’Callaghan.