Comedy series by Tim Barnes and Simon Berry that takes listeners back in time, feeding hashtags, trolls and trending topics into moments from history

1 – The Moon Landing – In this first episode, The Moon Landing: From Launch to Landing, we follow the crew of Apollo 11 as they cruise to the moon. We’re given a snapshot of an internet-savvy 1960s – astronauts are trolled, Action Chaps are sold, and America wins gold in the space race. A space-based David Bowie and a caterpillar’s eating disorder are the trending topics of the day.

2 – The Premiere of Romeo and Juliet – It’s the opening night of Romeo and Juliet and you are cordially invited to the premiere of a brand new play by the up-and-coming playwright Billy Shakespeare. Much the same as any other playwright, Shakespeare ponders how the play will be received. He needn’t worry anymore as the 16th century now comes complete with wifi. Bloggers review the show, fan-made plays are rife and the stars are interviewed on YouTube as one of Shakespeare’s greatest blockbusters is ‘re-tweeted’.

3 – The Great Pyramid – In The Great Pyramid – the Nile turns into video streams, order your pet mummification online, and find out how Pharaoh Khufu built that great feat of mankind while maintaining a hashtag game with his followers?

4 – The Fall of the Berlin Wall – In The Fall of The Berlin Wall, East meets West in the field of online dating, 80’s children’s programming pops up on your screen, and Tim Berners-Lee tweets about his world-changing new invention.

History Retweeted transports us to timelines gone by – feeding hashtags, trolls and trending topics into moments from history.

Featuring the voices of Tim Barnes and Simon Berry, Wayne Forester and Annabelle Llewellyn,
Peter Temple and Jelly Macintosh – with Lucy Beaumont as the voice of The Computer.

Written by Tim Barnes and Simon Berry