A BBC Radio 4 comedy discussion programme which dares to go against received opinions. Hosted by Victoria Coren Mitchell (previously David Baddiel), Heresy sees a team of highly opinionated panellists use their wit and wisdom to argue against narrow-minded thinking.

The received opinions torn to shreds include topics from the worlds of news, sport, art and popular culture. Previous statements argued against by the panel include: ‘Short men look silly with tall wives’, ‘The Queen is marvelous but all the other Royals are a waste of space’ and ‘Barbara was the sexy one in The Good Life’.

Heresy is a comedy talk show on BBC Radio
4, created and originally hosted by David Baddiel, later hosted by Victoria
Coren. In the show, the presenter and a panel of guests commit
“heresy” by challenging people’s most deeply received opinions on a
subject, in front of a studio audience.

In the fifth series, Baddiel handed over
the host’s chair to Coren, although he has since occasionally appeared on the
show as a guest.