All three series of the BBC radio comedy about the turbulent relationship of an odd couple.

Dithering undertaker’s assistant Bernard Pringle has finally got engaged to his sweetheart, Iris Bickerdyke – but Iris still has to persuade her fiancé to buy her a ring. And goodness knows when he’ll manage to get her down the aisle….

The course of their true love runs rather less than smooth in these 20 episodes, as a trip to the cinema turns into an off-screen disaster, Iris faces competition in the shape of new office secretary Crystabelle, and Bernard is all at sea after he’s asked to scatter a client’s ashes. There are problems with their parents too, as Iris’ mum, Daisy, is conned out of her inheritance and Bernard’s dad, Wilf, is caught with his guard – and his trousers – down. But as father and son stride to the crease in the annual cricket match, Bernard finds himself just 22 yards from glory – can he save the day?

Written by Vince Powell, who scripted a string of successful TV sitcoms including For the Love of Ada, Bless This House and Here’s Harry for Harry Worth, this warm-hearted comedy stars Gorden Kaye (‘Allo ‘Allo!) as Bernard and Su Pollard (Hi-de-Hi!) as Iris.

Series One – 11 February 1993 to 01 April 1993
S01E01 – Dithering Bernard tries to get engaged to his flighty partner Iris. Stars Su Pollard.
S01E02 – Sweethearts Iris and Bernard miss the film when they go to the pictures. From 1993.
S01E03 – Sweethearts Bernard and Iris scour the neighbourhood for his sulking dad.
S01E04 – A new office arrival causes friction for sweethearts Bernard and Iris.
S01E05 – When Bernard is called into work on a Sunday, and fiancee Iris is not impressed.
S01E06 – Iris dreams of hearing Pavarotti in concert, so Bernard tries to get tickets.
S01E07 – A day trip to France brings buried memories to the surface for Bernard.
S01E08 – Iris is proper poorly – but not quite as poorly as Wilf thinks she is.

Series Two – 08 December 1994 to 12 January 1995
S02E01 – Will undertaker’s assistant Bernard ever get fiancee Iris up the aisle?
S02E02 – When the boss’s daughter ties the knot, can Bernard get her to the church on time?
S02E03 – Can Bernard keep his job and his fiancee, while opposing a new bypass? Stars Su Pollard.
S02E04 – Bernard is keen to holiday in Burlington, but Iris wants to get fruity in Fuengirola.
S02E05 – Iris is lost for words when her fiance Bernard finds religion.
S02E06 – When her mother inherits money, can Iris and fiance Bernard stop her from being swindled?

Series Three – 18 January 1996 to 22 February 1996
S03E01 – Bernard’s jealous dad is caught with both his guard and his trousers down.
S03E02 – Social plans galore are in peril when undertaker Bernard gets arrested.
S03E03 – Crossed wires for Bernard when he overhears his dad talking to a doctor.
S03E04 – A saucy letter causes Iris to suspect that Bernard is having an affair.
S03E05 – Bernard is all at sea when he is asked to scatter a client’s ashes.
S03E06 – Bernard strides manfully to the cricket crease, but can he save the day?