Australian stand-up Felicity Ward tries to solve her mental health issues, one app at a time.

In Episode 1, Felicity tries to cure her insomnia with the help of patented sleep app ‘Do It In Your Sleep’ (as voiced by Bobby Mair).

In Episode 2, Felicity tries to treat her IBS with the help of app ‘What a Relief’ (as voiced by Jess Fosketew).

In Episode 3, Felicity tries to alleviate her depression with the help of patented swimming app ‘You Can Swim to Save Yourself’ (as voiced by Nick Helm).

In the final episode of the series, Felicity attempts to treat her anxiety with the aid of meditation app ‘Keep It Down’ (as voiced by Rose Matafeo).

Throughout the series, Felicity downloads a new app each week to help her destress, refocus and find practical solutions to her various trouble areas – anxiety, depression, IBS and insomnia.

Series 2 The return of the series in which Australian stand up Felicity Ward uses phone apps to help her cope with modern life. In the opening episode, Felicity purchases pregnancy app “Do it with Daisy” (played by comedian Lou Sanders).

With the aid of her trusty mobile phone can she navigate the challenges of pregnancy and download her way to some form of happiness?