Dinsdale Landen stars in this gripping vintage 1970-‘s crime drama about a retired hitman tempted by one last job

Sick of the spying business, professional assassin Art Gordo decides to quit the Secret Service – but his old life won’t leave him alone.

It’s Christmas, three months after his retirement, and Gordo is visited by an old colleague with a proposition. A senior MI7 agent has been selling secrets to the opposition and needs to be eliminated – and the job can’t be traced back to the Department. What’s more, the task must be completed within the next five days. Clarke’s offering big money – but despite the temptation, Art turns him down. Only someone won’t take ‘no’ for an answer.

Hunted by a mysterious nemesis who’ll stop at nothing – including murder – to get their way, Gordo finds himself caught in a deadly game of deception, double-cross and betrayal. To stay alive, he must find out the truth about his shadowy target, and re-enter a world he thought he’d left behind. A world with only one rule: kill or be killed…

Originally produced in the 1970’s, this twisty, fast-moving suspense thriller stars Dinsdale Landen as Art Gordo and Frances Jeater as Louise.

A full-cast radio play by Jim Eldridge, adapted from his own novel and starring Dinsdale Landen – first aired in 1976.

Episode 1: A Shot In The Night – Arthur is a retired hit man but his old job won’t leave him alone when Clark pays a visit.

Episode 2: The Double Target – Art Gordo heads to Louise’s flat while he tries to figure out who wants him to kill Allweather.

Episode 3: A Life For A Life – Art Gordo is under pressure to kill Allweather, but he and Allweather have other ideas.

Episode 4: The Professionals – Having faked Allweather’s death, Art Gordo thinks he is in the clear – but what about Louise?

Episode 5: The Moment Of Truth – Art is finally face to face with his nemesis – Young – but does that make Allweather the lilywhite hero?