A dramatisation of Lew Wallace’s epic novel which begins with the nativity and ends with the crucifixion.

Starring Jamie Glover and Samuel West and narrated by Michael Gambon.

A Friendship Betrayed, Ben Hur’s attempt to rekindle his friendship with a Roman soldier has devastating consequences.
Son of Arrius, Freed from slavery, Ben Hur travels east to locate his family where an opportunity arises to take revenge on a Roman soldier. Following the death of Arrius, Judah travels east to locate his mother and sister, only to meet Massala.
The Chariot Race, The day of the great race arrives, and the stakes for Ben Hur and his Roman rival are high. Pilate is now Judea’s governor and has released prisoners to celebrate. Could Judah Ben Hur’s mother and sister be among them?
The King Comes Into His Kingdom, Ben Hur’s lost family are afflicted by leprosy, but Jesus of Nazareth brings new hope of a cure – but is it too late?