Comedy series by Katie Hims, in which former nun Martina takes a job with a chaotic catering company.
Starring: Mark Straker, Gerard McDermott and Catherine Harvey

Martina’s not sure if she wants to be a nun anymore, so she takes work with a catering company and soon lands in a crisis of epic proportions…

Kingsley’s done a runner, and the catering company is going bust. Now Jimmy needs to find a book-keeping genius.

A health inspector calls. Will the struggling catering team have to halt pie production?

A strange man is lurking – and Father Harry is hired to entertain the OAPs, but what will he be singing?

Juan Jose’s declaration of love has thrown Martina into confusion.

The toffee tin with half the company profits is missing. With only three days to go, can the two-and-a-half grand be collected in time?

Six-part comedy series by Katie Hims.

Stars Catherine Harvey as Martina, Gerard McDermott as Jimmy, Roger May as Juan, and Jane Whittenshaw as Carol.

Director: Catherine Horn