Wally K. Daly’s 1980s comedy about a pair of new entrepreneurs who’ll do anything…as long as it’s legal

Best friends George and Charles have been commuting to work together for 15 years. Then, one fateful day, they both find out that they’re being laid off. For a while, they keep the news secret and carry on as normal, but eventually they have no choice but to admit the truth. It’s time to take action and find alternative employment – but how?

When the Job Centre proves a dead end, they set up an agency offering their services. They’ll do anything – as long as it’s legal… Their first ventures meet with mixed results: a commission to compose a poem gets them into hot water; a spoilt ambassador’s son leads Charles a merry dance, and George has a spot of bother tailing a bizarre giant. Worried that they’re not getting enough clients, the duo take on a new secretary, go on a business course that sets tongues wagging, try to improve their DIY skills and branch out into hypnotherapy – but with their business struggling, they’re forced to turn to Nanny…

Created by well-known radio and TV writer Wally K. Daly, this entertaining sitcom stars Donald Hewlett and Michael Knowles (It Ain’t Half Hot Mum) as Charles and George, with a veteran cast including Norma Ronald (The Men from the Ministry) and Dilys Laye (Carry on Camping).