Four comedies written for the many voices of June Whitfield

Starring June Whitfield.

Series of comedies by Andy Merriman and Peter Morfoot written for the legendary actress.

Spray the Grass Green
It’s 1939 and Lana Garfield is a fading Hollywood star. Contracted to Tantamount Pictures run by the notoriously difficult and womanising studio head, Al Seltzer. Miss Garfield is writing her autobiography with the assistance of British ghost writer, George Creighton.
But she’s shocked when her radio reveals Al intends to axe her contract. George and his ex-pat cronies take time off from their cocktails and cricket matches to collude with Al’s ambitious and glamorous assistant Betty Stevens in exacting an appropriate revenge.

Lost and Found
Retired politician Kate Whittington has agreed to take part in TV reality show ‘Lolly in the Loft’.

Now You See Me, Now You Don’t
There’s skulduggery afoot in Mrs. Ramsbottom’s safe house for refugees from the Sorcerers’ Circle.

Romance in a council beach hut is alive and well but perhaps a little cramped for our elderly couple.